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Desert Adventure - Glamping in the Desert

Location: Secret location in deep Western desert

Phone Number: 054-5755911


Luxury glamping in a desert hotel!


“Whoever wants everything done for him without any effort on his side...., with the highest level and quality and the most caring people - a desert experience like no other. It was lovely, unique, something to remember :)”

At a secret location in the Negev friendly desert we will construct, a one of a kind hosting complex in the heart of nature. Here you will be able to enjoy what we call “Desert Time” and mainly being intimate with nature and with yourself. We offer you all the great qualities of the desert - peace, quiet, soothing landscape, the stars at night and the sand during the day - in the easiest most comfortable way for you.

Hosting includes sleeping in elegant “Glamping” tents that will be made just for you in order to fully experience the desert and nature to the highest level. We will make sure your stay will be pleasant, comfortable and highly memorable.

The tent, is made out of thick high quality canvas, inside you will find comfortable mattresses, a warm blanket and cotton bedding, soothing gentle light, an ethnic carpet and more carefully chosen design accessories. 


It seems like there is no safer place to be than in the desert - with privacy, open air and without any crowds. We have made adjustments for our hosting to be as safe as can be. more privacy for you, no gathering and thorough sanitizing where needed.  

Summertime in the desert

Hosting in the desert summertime will be done In the afternoon ànd evening. Our desert nights are cool and pleasant so you can enjoy a good night sleep even without AC. It is the perfect time to sit around the bonfire, gaze at the stars or to witness wildlife activity on a tour. In the morning we would recommend you to travel to shaded or air conditioned places. We would love to take you on our jeep tour to an ancient water hole that has an underground pool which you can swim in, passing most of your day in a cool and shaded desert experience.

Photo Credit: Dani Maximov


Dinner- delicious casserole made in a cast iron poyke pot straight on the fire. the meat is cooked in a slow and long process softening out and getting the desert and bonfire flavors. On the menu- beef/chicken/vegetarian with root vegetables. serving is done with compostable tableware.

Breakfast “desert style”- fresh pita bread made on a special metal stove on the bonfire, tahini, labane cheese, fresh (and mostly local) vegetables, coffee and tea.

*as required by the corona instructions each group/family will take their food separately.

What else will be waiting for you?

Water- we will take care of all water necessities. 

Electricity- a solar energy system will provide energy for gentle light, charging and other needs.

Toilet- ecological well made, clean and pleasant toilet cells.

Showers- we will provide special showers with hot water flowing down your back and the stars above. that's an amazing feeling!


One night for a two person tent: 2200 ILS

Any person more than two: 200 ILS

Each extra night: 1600 ILS for two, 200 ILS for any other person.

*Any tiny person under the age of 3 is free of charge :)

For special events or productions- we would like to make it right for you, changes can be done. exclusivity, chef meals, helicopter tours, alcohol bar, you name it!

Contact for more info.

Activities you can add 

*special prices only for our guests

Sandboarding: free of charge

Stargazing with a telescope: 80 ILS per person with a minimum order of 10 participants.

Desert night safari (walking): 50 ILS per person with a minimum order of 10 participants.

Half day jeep tour: 1150 ILS

Full day jeep tour: 1800 ILS

Ordering and cancellation

* For private customers an order will be placed with credit card information.

* For business customers: contractual obligation and pre payment of 30% of the hosting price.

Payment is possible via bank transfer, credit or cash.

Cancellation: 14 days before or more: no cancellation fee. 14 days before or less: 50% of the price. 3 days before or less: 80%

It is possible that there will be other guests or participants in the activities. We keep everything well balanced, private and intimate.

When to arrive?

Summertime from 16:00 (July-August we recommend to arrive at 17:00.  

Winter time from 15:00.

When to leave?

By 11:00am.  If it is possible to stay longer we will do our best to let you stay.

*music- we request that you do not play music from portable speakers in order to protect the natural environment. It is important to us to keep a good and pleasant atmosphere.


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