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Derech Hatavlinim

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Location: Beit Lechem Haglilit

Phone: 04-9533405


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It’s a huge spice shop. You can ask for tastings, and you can also see the stuff they grow outside and do workshops.


Derech Hatavlinim is both an agricultural farm that grows spices and herbs, and a spice-themed visitor center. The farm is located on the south side of Beit Lehem Haglilit, in the midst of pine trees and pastoral scenery.

The farm grows, dries and blends spices and herbs, and in addition, allows the general public to buy products in its huge open market. The farm’s owner, Avi Zitherspieler has worked in herb/spice agriculture since childhood. Both Avi and his family, have been accumulating knowledge and experience for many years, making the quest for new way of life a family mission. Avi, an herbalist, strives to share his knowledge with the public and personally conducts lectures and workshops.

Groups visiting the farm can enjoy a lecture regarding the numerous uses of spices, and an endless supply of ideas designed to change their lives using spices.

Derech Hatavlinim offers over 1000 different products including: dried spices, herbs, herb & spice blends and mixtures for cooking, natural dried fruit, and healthy blends and infusions, which are all displayed and sold in the market in which you can enjoy their enticing aroma and taste.

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