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Dan Gourmet Culinary Workshops

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Tel Aviv



Dan Gourmet sets new standards in the study of the art of cooking, baking, and confectionery in Israel, and meets the meticulous professional standards practiced at the leading culinary schools in the world. Each student works at a personal workstation with the most advanced equipment of its kind. Advanced technology enables personalized hands-on experience in learning conditions not yet seen in Israel.

Course opening depends on number of registered students (maximum in class –  35 students)

The seminar incorporates explanation, demonstration, and group work, with a  joint meal at the end where the food that has been prepared is enjoyed.

The seminar can be scheduled for morning or afternoon.

Participants will receive the recipes, in English, for what they prepare at the seminar.

Children can also participate, minimum age – 12.


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