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Culinary Tours and more – Fun Joel

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

All Over Israel


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‘We took a tour with him to Machane Yehuda and it was a big hit. We are now booking a second tour with him.’


Joel says;

I love food. I love cooking it and I love consuming it! And as a true foodie, let me tell you that Israel has a tremendous amount to offer in this field, and it is only growing and getting better.

We are a true immigrant country that draws from literally all four corners of the Earth, and our cuisine thus echoes the diverse make-up of Israel’s population. And as an ancient civilization, we also have numerous sites connected to the earliest roots of food and agriculture.

From visits to farms and agricultural sites to facilities that produce artisanal cheeses, chocolates and olive oil, my culinary tours expose you to the wide spectrum of food culture in this country. Our wine industry has been booming and gaining prominence and respect in the past few decades (also earning many prestigious awards), and the more recent increase of microbreweries in Israel is following a similar trend. Israel’s produce is famously delicious, and our popular outdoor markets are a feast for all five senses. And accomplished chefs have opened top-notch restaurants scattered throughout the land, alongside some of the tastiest ethnic street food venues.

Come smell, sample and taste the best of Israel’s culinary offerings with me!


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