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We loved the activity! My 6 and 4-year-old are so proud of their work! And it was super enjoyable! It was great! Thank you!


We specialize in hand made professionally dyed clothing & dye workshops for tour groups, events & special needs groups. We bring the color to you!


DIY TIE DYE KITS by ColorMeIsrael

✓ Perfect package up to 5 people including all equipment and accessories + four professional colors ready to use bottles (just need to add water! )

✓ Additional package up to 7 people + all equipment + 10 professional colors ready to use bottles (just need to add water! )

* What is quality? Our colors don't fade in the laundry and the color stays strong and stand out for many years. Premium colors won't color other clothes in laundry.

Custom kits include:

✓ T-shirts

✓ Colors according to the number of participants

✓ Video call in zoom with instructions and explanation

✓ and of course rubber bands, gloves and aprons ✓

For more details please call 052-386-3982

Or send an email to



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