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City of David Ir David Tunnel Tour

Updated: May 6, 2020

Location: City of David National Park, Jerusalem

Phone: +972-77-9966-726


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Iliyana Goldenberg‎
Ir David with kids: As I asked before if there is room to leave your stroller – yes, you can leave it in the yard, there were 5 or six strollers already. You Can’t do the tour with stroller! If you have baby or toddler, you have to use baby carrier, in the tunnels in fron carry. But it would be difficult, at some parts the water tunnel is 150cm hight and 70-80cm wide. The water is most of the time not higher than 20cm. Just in the beginning is deeper, like 70cm. My 4.5 yo walked all the way without any need for assistance. In the water tunnel you Need flashlight! There is no other light! You can buy one from souvenir shop there, 10₪ are smallest and cheapest, 25₪ are the bigger that you van clip it on your hat. Kids loved it!


Journey through the underground tunnels through which the city was conquered and residents fled. Go down to the hidden spring where kings were coronated. Explore the underground mysteries of Hezekiah’s Tunnel, where water has flowed since the time of the prophets. Join the mysterious, magical journey between ancient shafts, walls and fortresses at the City of David, the place where Jerusalem began. In addition: A variety of other engaging and educational tours in Ancient Jerusalem including the City of David, Armon Hanatziv and the Mount of Olives. Includes Hezkiyahu tunnels tour.

Best to park at Mamilla or by the free shuttle from Jerusalem’s First Station.


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