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Chava VeAdam Eco-farm

Updated: Apr 2, 2020



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‘There is an eco farm, Chava VeAdam, right before the Ligad center. On the left side, as you drive up (at the junction to where the road extends from emek zvulun and the road which leads toward the 443)’ 


Range of activities and organised groups – call ahead

The farm is located in a beautiful valley surrounded by hills, close to the industrial area of Modi’in and therefore there is no street address or building number…If you type in GPS or WAZE, “HaShdera HaMerkazit, Modi’in” you should arrive to the entrance of the access road to the farm. There you will find a sign pointing to the farm access road. Drive 1 Kilometer and enter the farm’s parking lot on the left-hand side of the road.

The farm arose from the vision of educator, Itzhak Gaziel, that believed that the most efficient way to instill the values of sustainability was to create a space for practical learning, one that did not exist in Israeli education at the time.

As a center which models sustainability, the farm strives for ecological self-sufficiency through the use of solar energy, self-treatment of waste, rainwater collection and gray-water systems, a variety of ecological building technologies, recycling and organic agriculture.

The farm is home to a changing community made up of year of service and national service volunteers and young people from around the world who live and implement the farm’s principles of sustainability. This way of life serves as a model to learn these principles and transmit them to the general public.

Most of the farm’s resources are directed to educational and social projects conducted on the farm, schools and kindergartens in Modi’in and throughout the country. In addition, the farm provides consulting service to a growing number of private people, organizations, nonprofits and municipalities in the field of environmental education and practical sustainability.

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