Chava Shel Chava

Updated: May 7

Location: Hafets Haim, Gadera

Phone: 08-8593876


Phone: 074-7025878



Recommended by:

Tal Sofer Hararry
I’d like to recommend החווה של חוה Chava’s farm in Hafetz Haim near Gedera. There is so much to do! Donkey rides, pita baking, a tram to visit and feed the cows, goat milking, crafts, bouncy houses, a petting zoo and many animals. It’s not overly crowded and very easy going. I think it’s appropriate for up to ages 7-8.


Large petting zoo with lots of fun activities such as:

Donkey rides, pitta baking,  petting animals, ride to the milking farm, posting pigeons, milking goats and cheese making, gymboree and inflatables (including wet ones in Summer and lots more….



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