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Challenge from the Past – Caesaria Harbour

Updated: Apr 4, 2020



Recommended by:

Elisheva Poupko Schreiber 

It was great!!! We were a group from age 8-70 it was about 1.5-2 hrs activity with multiple stations around the namal in which we had to work together to problem solve, meet goals and fulfill challenges – we all loved it!!!!

It’s an all age ODT group bonding type activity at the נמל קיסריה.


Arachim Company Presents – Challenge from the Past

Arachim Co. specializes in the creation of solidification and extreme activities based on a unique concept. Over the past 3 years, the company has focused its operations at the Caesarea Port and its surrounding areas, where it has produced hundreds of activities for the general public. The numerous activities include an extreme activity course- Challenge from the Past – which is suitable for groups (anywhere from 10 – 900 participants) and includes group and experiential consolidation. “Challenge from the Past” – The Roman Empire An unforgettable encounter with representatives from the Roman Senate (activity instructors) who will lead the participants, who will have been divided into ‘tribes’, in a series of challenges that will resemble the formation of a Roman Legion! The activities incorporate both physical and intellectual challenges. The attractive tasks are designed to reflect the splendor and magnificence of ancient Rome. Participants become part of the ancient Roman vista, in the unique setting of the ancient port of Caesarea. Examples of tasks: the moat obstacle, the dome game, “the triangular sandal”, the EnigmaRoma, the catapult, etc. The day will conclude with a fun day on the spectacular Caesarea Port beach. Participants will enter the port through the magnificent Crusaders Gate, walking past the ruins to reach the relaxing, charming shores of Caesarea. Participants will enjoy a full day of surprises, fun and an amazing atmosphere. Activities include a diversity of beach games, kayaking, jet skiing, and sailing on a banana boat, etc.

“The Night Challenge” at the Caesarea Port The night activity program includes tasks to be completed in the ancient port. A unique instruction that incorporates funny heritage stories, a surprising rhythm workshop, sipping from ambrosia of the gods, etc. All accompanied by spellbinding scenery involving torches, candles and a enchanting night ambience provided by the Caesarea Port.

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