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Biriya Forest

Updated: Apr 1, 2020




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Olivia Edith Eder

Went for a picnic yesterday in Biriya Forest after visiting Tzefat. It’s just next to the entrance of Tzefat. A perfect place, breezy, quite shaded, beautiful views, toilets near the fortress (Though no paper) and drinking fountains. Loads of places to BBQ too and picnic benches.(Pesach 2016)


Biriya Forest – Magic & Mysticism in the Upper Galilee

A sloping forest in the North of Israel: Biriya Forest is the largest planted forest in the Galilee, and is situated on the slopes descending east from Tzefat to Rosh Pina and Hatzor. Biriya boasts a variety of fascinating sites – groves, springs, an ancient synagogue, a lime pit, revered tombs, diverse flora, hiking trails and scenic lookouts.

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