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Ben Gurion’s House – Kibbutz Sde Boker

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Negev, South



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‘At Ben Gurion’s House – don’t miss the movie, it’s the best part’ 


Paula and David Ben-Gurion’s desert home remains exactly as Ben-Gurion left it when he passed away in 1973. This was his wish as left in his will. The area surrounding the home, however, has altered considerably. The garden landscape has been expanded and is carefully maintained; pathways have been paved for visitors’ comfort; maxims from Ben-Gurion’s philosophy, and blown-up photographs from the early years of Sede Boker decorate the walkways; and shady, half-enclosed stone bleachers were constructed for visiting study groups.

Tours can be done in English, Hebrew, Russian and Spanish

There are some nice play areas and rest stops near Sde Boker (KKL sites across the road from Sde Boker


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