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Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Tel Aviv

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May 2014 -Very enjoyable tiyul to the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Centre in Orr Yehuda. Well thought out modern museum with lots of beautifully displayed artifacts to fascinate the kids, as well as a great life-size mock-up of a traditional alley in Baghdad complete with various shops, the interior of a Baghdadi synagogue and a traditional Baghdad Jewish home, as well as a ma’abara tent. We did a guided walk through which was very interesting, and the guide was happy to point out items of interest to kids and take time to answer their questions. Children also enjoyed the quiz and puzzle sheets the guide handed out at several points during the tour.

Despite doing the guided tour the kids and I still wanted a closer look at the many exhibits, we spent quite some time going around again by ourselves. It isn’t a large museum but I found the displays managed to cram in a lot without seeming crowded or busy. Older children enjoyed the guides stories and reading the explanations by the displays, younger children liked the “novelty” items, like the record player and beautiful selection of musical instruments in the section about Iraqi Jews prominence in Arabic music, the glittering collection of Torah scrolls and the items for sale in the little ma’abara tzarkhania corner.

Museum is stroller friendly (lift up to the second floor exhibits). All the displays had Hebrew and English signs.

Added perk: beautiful park across the road from the museum with a variety of brand new looking play equipment to suit a variety of ages, from toddlers to quite big kids, including an omega/zip line. Part of the playground is shaded, as is an adjacent picnic area with benches.

Between the museum and the large playground in such close proximity this was a perfect mix of activities making for a great day out. Several bus routes connecting Orr Yehuda and Tel Aviv stop right next to or across the road from the museum. Impressive exterior of the museum too, kids felt like we really we travelling to Iraq. Park with the wonderful playground also had an impressive entrance.’ 


Historical Museum

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