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Aqua Kef

Updated: Apr 3, 2020




Recommended by:

Tovit Schultz Granoff

Aquakef on the Kinneret is lots of fun!


They say: Already hugely successful in more than 70 countries, with millions of visitors worldwide, Israel is the perfect next location for this unique attraction. And what better place to start than Tiberias, where the first AQUA KEF is set to make its debut, with another 4-5 parks soon to follow (stay tuned for the upcoming openings). AQUA KEF parks are perfectly suited for families seeking a great time, companies in need of a Yom Kef, schools, camps, or other large groups looking for the perfect attraction.

As of 2017 AquaKef has expanded with sections suitable from age 3+.

Great for large groups

Best to book online to reserve your 45 minute slot and it is also cheaper that way.

Aquakef is open in the warmer months from Pesach until after the Chaggim.

Check their website and Facebook for updates.


July 2016

Like many of you, we had an amazing time at Aquakef ! My kids aged 6,9,10,12 all loved it and so did the adults! A great workout and a challenge but the Kinneret water is lovely for when you fall in and the scenery is beautiful!

We felt a great sense of achievement when we managed parts of it without falling off. I even managed the slippy climb up to the top and slid down the steep slide…and my kids were jumping off the high bit!  Highly recommended although there is no doubt you need a certain level of physical ability to enjoy it most! Having said that you just need to pace yourself and do what you can,  You will need help getting back on that is almost for sure! They have plenty of staff on hand for this, and I found I was most useful (and happy) to stay in a safe spot where my kids could come to help lift them back on. By the time we left my 10 year old had mastered not falling in by doing the course as fast as he could. Truly exhilarating, and one of our summer highlights! I definitely think it is a great bonding experience, for families, groups, and even strangers! After our time was up (which was longer than the usual 45 minutes because it was not so busy), we then spent a couple of lovely hours swimming in the Kinneret beach on the other side of AquaKef which is included in the price. This made it really worthwhile price wise (We also took the 4 year old there while the others were on Aquakef). There was also plenty of free parking opposite the beach, and a snacks-and-more kiosk on the beach.

My 6 year old son flying in the air in the image below! Photo credit: Aquakef. Read more reviews below and find details here!

flying Dan

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