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Karen Gilbert
“Apollonia in Herzliya – a fun, easy half-day out ten mins away from Raanana. Worth a visit! A mini-tiyul…”


A beautiful hike, old fortress and stunning sea views.

LoveLoveIsrael Review

July 2020

A recent trip we have taken was a sunset outing to Apollonia National Park. We live pretty close, but don't do this often enough! Apollonia is a beautiful park (must reserve online) with incredible ruins to explore and the most amazing view. You can also get a Junior ranger booklet here I think (Pekach Tzair). It is totally stroller/wheelchair friendly but quite exposed which is why evening was perfect. It closes around 21:30 in the Summer and they run evening tours. We strolled around, there few people really, and there were pekachim driving round telling people to keep masks on. There is a little off the path trail which we hoped led to the beach, but it didn't - but at least added a bit of adventure. To access the beach, you need to leave through a 'carousella' gate near the entrance, and follow the footpath (not the wide driveway on the right) round and down steps to the beach. There is no lifeguard at this time, but we had fun splashing and taking photos as the sun set. Lots of couples and small groups of people were having sunset picnics up the cliff and on the way down to the beach. Was a really chilled time out from routine! Recommended. NB you cannot go back in to the National Park through the gate (it is exit only) - you would need to show your ticket and go back to the main entrance. If you parked within the National Park gates, you would need to ensure you get back before they lock up! Enjoy! https://www.parks.org.il/en/reserve-park/apollonia-national-park-tel-arsuf/



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