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Yvel Jewelry Factory Tours this Sukkot

Looking for an unforgettable experience in Jerusalem?

Enjoy a guided tour of the Yvel jewelry factory – a luxury jewelry brand that takes you behind the scenes of how jewelry is made.

This includes seeing crafters at work, films, and a showroom of high-end jewelry that was all manufactured in the Yvel Design Center.

Learn about the amazing Ethiopian crafting school the owners started 10 years ago to help the community and teach them the Jewelry trade.

You will be able to view their exclusive collection called Megemeria which is all silver pieces, and everything that is purchased from Megemeria line goes 100% back to the funding of the school.

Do something special this chol hamoed sukkot and take friends and family on the tour while finding something special for yom tov.



Suitable for kids 10 and up

Cost is - 25 shekels

Chol Hamoed - October 2-6

Sunday - Thursday : 10am - 3:30pm

Friday - 10am - 12pm

( We are open weekly from 10 until 3pm for tours Sunday through Thursday).

Need to book a tour

Call to book your tour :

Phone - 0525615916

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