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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Tel Aviv


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‘That was marvelous!! Thank you very much for showing me the world of vegan food in Tel Aviv. Everything was perfect: well organised, different places for different budget (so you ca choose where to go the other day), different atmosphere in each restaurant – and all for a very reasonable price. As I said after, you feel full but not heavy though you’ve been to 5 places and tried 10-12 different dishes. But it’s all vegan food! So you only gain energy and don’t loose it 🙂 I highly recommend you to go to this tour on your first-second day in TA because you will love all the places for sure and will want the chance to come back to those places to have a dinner or to visit places that are mentioned on the way, just while you are passing them by.’


TLVegan Tours are dedicated to giving you the best vegan tour of Tel Aviv –  one of the world’s top recommended vegan cities in the world!

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