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Sukkot in Israel 2023 - What's Happening?

Updated: Apr 2

As always we have tried to compile the most comprehensive list of things going on over Sukkot. Scroll down for:

  • 'Happenings around the country (Include free events - some of which may have additional activities for pay)

  • The Priestly Blessing - Kohanim

  • Advertisements for wonderful and unique activities and tours that come highly recommended and Tried and Tested in our Facebook group!

Emek Hamaayanot

Music shows and activities for the whole family, including two major shows at the Kimron Hall - Idan Raichel in the show 'Raichel - Piano - Songs' (October 1) and Yasmin Moalem (October 3) and more trips, tours, exhibitions and a dance party.

Where: Valley of the springs

When: Sukkot holiday, October 1-6, 2023

How much: some events are paid, others - free entry

Night tours at Dor Nachsholim beach

An experiential night tour to the pine trees with night lanterns.

Leaving Dor beach at sunset, you will climb Tel Dor where you will find shipwrecks including cannons, anchors, gold coins and more. Enjoy the view from the top of the hill toward the sunset and then head back to Dor beach.

Where: Meet at the entrance to Dor Beach, in Viz - "Dor Nachsholim Beach" When: October 1-5 How much: NIS 50 per participant

The 6th Chocolate Festival in the Galilee landscape

In the Chocolate Kingdom, there will be a chocolatiers' tent where chocolate coins will be distributed to visitors, and also - huge displays of chocolate, chocolate workshops for the whole family, attractions, source shows, performances by Far Tessi, the Terram band, and the best children's stars: Manny Memtra, the Tarasov family, Rinat Gabai, the Sapir family , Roy Boy, Sonic, Mickey and more! Where: Nopark, Nof HaGilil When: October 2-4 How much: Free entry

Archaeological excavations with the Antiquities Authority

The Antiquities Authority invites the public to a multitude of activities, throughout the country and for the whole family: archaeological excavations in Ein Keshet and in Old Osha, an archaeological festival for families in the KKL-Junior Park Jabotinsky, the unveiling of the "secrets of the aqueduct" in Ein Tzur-Ramat Handiv, the festival of sculptures in Kiryat Bialik, a festival Antiquities icon in Tel Aviv, archaeological event for families in Givat Yeshayahu, Ashkelon "Time Travel" festival and more! Where: throughout the country When: Chol HaMoed Sukkot How much: admission is free or at nominal prices

Celebrations at the 68th Jerusalem March

Tens of thousands of participants from about 90 countries are expected to take part in the old march that has become a tradition in Jerusalem on the Sukkot holiday.

There are three main focal points in the march: morning march routes - 10 km for walkers, eight km for walkers and five km for easy walkers.

Also: a festive event in the Sacker Garden throughout the day, with music performances and artists for adults and children, a children's area with inflatables, Circus shows, a drum circle, Yomana band and more

Where: throughout the city of Jerusalem

When: October 4, 07:00-17:30

How much: admission is free

"Kings in Jerusalem" Festival

From the Mikro Theater, under the auspices of the Jerusalem Foundation and the Jerusalem Municipality, this year for the first time the festival will take place on the Sukkot holiday, bringing the dramatic stories of the city's kings and prophets to life.

An experience of art and culture for children and the whole family! Where: throughout the city of Jerusalem When: October 3-5 How much: NIS 50-140 These ideas are translated from a YNET article - click here to read about more!

"Sparks" festival for the whole family in Modi'in Maccabi Re'ut

Three exciting evenings for the whole family * 10 stages * Breathtaking shows * Artists from Israel and abroad * Spectacular stages * Rotating performance figures and more The innovative festival combines the performing arts: theater, dance, acrobatics, advanced technology, effects, video projections, pyrotechnics, lighting displays and more. City residents, guests and visitors are invited to come to the festival. When:

It will be held on Sukkot Tuesday 3.10.23, Wednesday 4.10.23, Thursday 5.10.23 - Every day at 18:30 - 22:00

Where: On the boulevard in the center of the city, Dam HaMaccabim boulevard How much: Entry is free!

Sukkot in the Forests of Israel

Keren Kayemet L'Yisrael invites you to celebrate Sukkot in forests throughout the country with a variety of activities and sessions for the whole family on the holiday of Sukkot. When: Chol Hamoed Where: Ilanot Forest, Hierdan Park, Ben Shemen Forest, Goren Park, Hatchelet Park, Aamkim Park, Horesh Forest, Yatir Forest, Angels' Forest, Gilat and Kabri Archaeological Forest Garden

How much: Free For details: "Forest Line" by phone: 1-800-350-550 or on the website

Israel's National Parks

Lots going on across Israel at our beautiful National Parks.

Country-wide Events run by The Society for the Preservation of Israeli Heritage Sites - SPIHS

The Priestly Blessing - Birkat Hakohanim

The big Kohanim blessing at the Kotel is on Monday 2nd October 2023.

When: 8:45-10:45am

Where: Kotel Plaza

If you don’t mind crowds this is a truly unique experience where thousands gather together for the priestly blessing. Allow plenty of time to get there and hold on tight to your family so no one gets lost.

Workshops & Tours!

Click images below for details and scroll through on

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