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StandWithUs Israel Education Center

Updated: Apr 2, 2020




Recommended by:

Felice Hass

“We took part in a fast-paced and in-depth “Israel 101″ session – the staff are charismatic and knowledgeable and we received great materials on Israel which we will take back home with us”


Located in the heart of Jerusalem, near the Old City, Mamilla Mall and the King David Hotel, the StandWithUs Israel Education Center is a unique venue for everything that is “Israel”, including expert programming and experiences for groups from all over the world. The Education Center is a hotspot for current and up-to-date information and resources for visitors, with ongoing events and activities all year round.

 The StandWithUs Education Center offers programs that inform about the key issues related to Israel, portraying the “real” Israel, which can only truly be seen from a firsthand perspective. They offer diverse content, from expert written materials to a wide spectrum of sessions, tours and workshops. All these provide a platform for pro-Israel activism and effective tools to counter misinformation about Israel.

You can pre-book tours and workshops via their website, and also ‘drop in’ – all visitors receive a free Tote bag of StandWithUs educational materials and goodies!

You are also able to hire the Center for events. Contact us for more information.

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