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Shulman Chocolate Museum

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Location: Kibbutz Dafna, Golan

Phone: 054-5902-198


Recommended by:

Rachel Levin Weinstein

Went to the Shulman Chocolate Museum on Kibbutz Dafna. The hands on “make your own chocolate” program is all of 40 minutes but YUMMY! It’s clearly geared towards younger kids, but my husband, boys (ages 16 and 14) and I had silly fun! The staff is great with little kids and this is definitely a trip that’s good either before or after (or in the middle of) other, longer trips. Chocolate is dairy and Rabbanut certified.


If you are holidaying in the North of Israel, a chocolate workshop has to be on your list of activities and there are a few available. Here at Kibbutz Dafna in the Upper Galil you can visit the chocolate museum and take part in a chocolate workshop suitable for all ages!

LoveLoveIsrael tip: in hot months do not forget to bring a cool bag with ice packs if you want the chocolate to survive until you get to a fridge…that’s if you don’t eat it up straight away 😉

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