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Shalvat Gan Eden

Updated: May 5, 2020

Location: Yahalom St, Kfar Hoshen

Phone: 053-613-0711


Recommended by:

Lisa Ohayon
‘We went over Chanuka to Shalvat Gan Eden and it was great. It is a few minutes from tzomet Meiron. It’s perfect for 2 families because they have only 2 units and each one sleeps at least 6. They have an indoor and outdoor pool and a nice garden. It’s on moshav Sufsoofa which is a bit of a dump but the Zimmer itself is lovely. We found it to be a perfect base for tiyulim in the area, from there we went to Tzfat, the Hermon, Banias, Tel Dan, Metullah, it was perfectly situated. It was quite expensive, around 700 a night, but is really comfortable and very exclusive, 2 families have an indoor and outdoor pool and garden with barbeque, swing seat, couches etc to themselves. Also we were there over Chanuka and the owner told me straight out that it’s more expensive over holidays. If you go out of season you might get a good price.Highly recommended.’ 


‘On Moshav Safsufa, in the upper Galil, in front of beautiful green space and clear air. The zimmer complex can accommodate both couples and families in romantic, luxurious suites. The courtyard boasts a swimming pool surrounded by comfortable seating areas, sunbeds, barbecue, colorful night lighting, umbrellas, bench swings, children’s games, and a green lawn. There is an indoor stylish spa, surrounded by seating areas and decorated in soft sofas and even a cinema system connected to a projector with a large screen.’


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