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Park HaNachal

Updated: Apr 3, 2020



Recommended by:

Elana Kohn

Found a great park in Yavneh, called Park Hanachal (according to waze), in Yavneh Hachadasha/ yeruka. Really big and clean and colorful, with cool climbing structures and also nice areas for little kids (so you can play with little kids in one area while watching big kids climb). I don’t see a bathroom here but there’s a mall a block away with clean bathrooms and some stores/ food. Looks like there will be a stream running through the park but it’s not finished yet. Most of the play areas are shaded except the big climbing structure, but it’s actually pleasant and breezy here at 5 PM. It’s about 20 minutes from Rechovot.


Fun park!

Photo Credit Elana Kohn!

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