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Pantry Packers - Summer Voluntouring 2023!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

"Book your summer visit at Pantry Packers today! Indoor fun for all ages!"

Summer voluntouring at Pantry Packers, Jerusalem

Summer Voluntouring at Pantry Packers!

Pantry Packers provides a unique "Voluntourism" experience in Jerusalem, where worldwide visitors suit up in apron, hair net, and gloves to stamp, label, fill, seal, and box packages of food that gets distributed to families throughout Israel suffering from food insecurity. You will be volunteering and touring - voluntouring at this awesome center! The 1.5-hour activity for all ages includes a video featuring recipient families and an on-site exhibit filled with interactive historical displays including original ledgers, photographs, and tzedakah boxes from Colel Chabad’s beginnings in 1788.

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