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Updated: Apr 2, 2020



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‘I did the Old City tour with Emmanuel. That is what a good tour should be like – making you understand, not only learn historical data. Making you feel at home. Emmanuel was funny and witty and handled all the possible political issues with charm and balance. Good use of pictures, fine approach to discussions, letting people express themselves. I appreciate the chat on tour guide’s work.’


What is a Tour Guide?

In Hebrew a Tour Guide is called ‘Moreh Derech’ – a ‘Teacher of the Journey’. It is very easy for a Tour Guide to give you information and advise you about the correct politics. However I feel that all people from young to old should be given the opportunity to find the Truth themselves. For example when guiding children at Masada I invite them to look at the archeology and find the story themselves (with help). If I am guiding a political tour of Chevron I aim to give an objective political view of the situation, whilst guests look with their eyes and find their own answers. This I believe, is what a Tour Guide is; a facilitator who opens up your mind, giving you the tools to understand the complexity of Israel, be it archaeology, nature or Politics.

Why choose me as your Guide?

As well as knowing the whole of Israel, my specialities are Jerusalem, Shomron and Hebron. I am also an experienced teacher and can pitch the tour so your children and yourselves will all be ‘hooked’

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