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Michelle Levitz Tours

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Name: Michelle Levitz

Location: Based in Zichron Yaakov

Focus Area: From Hadera to the Carmel, including Zichron Yaakov and the Carmel coast, and Jezreel Valley.

Target Audience: Adults, Families

Specialties: Historical tours,Nature

Phone: 054-6409016

Motto: Fulfilling my passion of helping people discover, experience and connect to Israel!

Recommended by:

Michelle and Joe Millstone (Tucson, AZ)
In late 2018, my husband and I, along with another couple (our dear friends) embarked upon a 10 day personalized tour of Israel lead by Michelle Levitz.   My husband and I had been to Israel many times but never with a tour guide.    The experience was incredible.   Michelle is so knowledgeable about every aspect of Israel, including in-depth history, archaeology, religion and culture.    She took us to every accessible border, delving into the chronology of border relations, from ancient times to the present.    We saw parts of Israel that we never would have seen on our own, including an organic olive (and olive oil) farm, artist colonies, a nature reserve, and a kibbutz specializing in bees and environmentally friendly agriculture.   We visited ancient ruins throughout the country, complete with fascinating history lessons.   With our input, Michelle planned the entire visit, meeting our needs, desires and interests.   She is so smart, but also, very kind and patient, and always carried a positive attitude and pleasant demeanor.   She’s super friendly and accommodating.  We had an experience of a lifetime, thanks to Michelle.   

Half Day Tours Summer/Fall 2020

The world has changed dramatically over the last few months and things we once took for granted now seem like a distant and remote possibility.

But there is no need to give up on your travel plans and desires! Now’s the time to explore all that Israel has to offer and learn more about the country that you chose to call home.

Focusing on the region from Hadera to Haifa, these modular half-day tours will allow you to experience the hidden gems of this area in a casual and comfortable setting . Whether driving in the comfort of your own car or walking on foot with your private group, you will be able to discover all of the secrets that the local topography, history, and archaeology have to tell.

Zichron Yaakov - Ramat HaNadiv Gardens

Let’s travel back in time to 1882 and explore the timeless cobblestone streets and intricate hidden alleyways of Zichron Yaakov on a two-hour walking tour of this charming village. We’ll visit the sites of the original Jewish pioneers who laid the groundwork for the establishment of the modern state of Israel and hear their fascinating stories. After the walking tour, we will honor the sponsors of Zichron Yaakov, Baron Edmond (Binyamin) de Rothschild and his wife Baroness Adleheid (Ada) during the next stop on the tour, the beautifully manicured Ramat HaNadiv gardens.

Focus on – History, Art, Nature

Grand Courtyard, Zichron Yaakov. Photo Credit - Michelle Levitz

Tel Dor Promenade-Hamizgaga Museum

This adventure takes us along a winding trail along the coast of one of Israel’s most popular beaches where we will experience together fossilized sand dunes, sandy white coves, and natural grottoes. In addition to witnessing the natural local beauty, we will have an amazing opportunity to learn about Israel’s past and present as we will learn about the area’s rich and engaging history. After the hike, we will visit the Mizgaga Museum (see below) which, housed in a magnificent late 19th century bottle making factory, is now home to a fascinating museum showcasing contemporary glass art alongside local archaeological findings. We will make our way through the permanent archaeological collection containing items such as anchors, clay jugs, and guns which attest to the numerous shipwrecks in the sea and surrounding bays as well as the maritime activity that once took place in this area.

Focus on – Nature, History, Art

Mizgaga Museum - Photo Credit: Michelle Levitz

Me’arat Etzba- Ein Hod

Are you interested in a moderately challenging two-hour hike in the evergreen Carmel mountains followed by a visit to a nearby village? Then join me for a journey through classic Mediterranean landscapes where history and nature intersect. While walking in the green foothills, we will see the views of the Carmel Coast from Caesarea to Haifa and explore the captivating and inviting caves that make up an essential part of our walk. Join me to hear the stories that the trees whisper and the tales they tell. After the nature hike, we will transition to visiting the nearby Ein Hod, Israel’s first artist village established in 1953. We will explore the quaint streets lined with galleries and the homes of the artisans of Ein Hod.

Focus on – Nature, History, Art, Culture

The View from Mearat Etzba - Photo Credit: Michelle Levitz

Tel Yokneam-Nachal HaShofet

During this tour, Biblical stories will spring to life on a Biblical tel, or knoll, where we will witness the engaging, ancient past meeting the vibrant, modern day present in the Carmel mountains and the Jezreel Valley. Next on our journey, we will hike an easy walking trail hidden in the heart of the Ramat Menashe Forest Reserve and marvel at nature’s gifts including a babbling brook, small sparkling pools, and a beautiful mini-waterfall, all which offer relief from the summer heat.

Focus on – Tanach, History, Nature

Tel Yokneam - Photo Credit: Michelle Levitz

Each private tour is limited to 15 people with transportation in private cars. Each tour will last approximately 4 hours. The cost is just 1000 NIS per tour (can be split between a couple of families) which does not include any entry fees, if any.

COVID-19 guidelines will be followed. Bring masks, water, hats, sunscreen and a sense of wonder.

Other customized tours in the area are also available.

Call Michelle at 054-640-9016 for additional information and to reserve your tour.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Photo credit: Michelle Levitz

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