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Luna Park Tel Aviv

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Tel Aviv



Luna Park is Recommended by:

Dalia Beiegel

‘I took my then 2 year old last summer and there were a bunch of rides besides the soft play area – horse merry go round, boat and airplane merry go round kind of thing, bumper cars… He had a great time’


The amusement park is such a magical place! Just the thought of it brings up waves of nostalgia, innocent childhood memories and sensations of true happiness and freedom. The Tel Aviv Luna Park, with endless attractions and adventures, can be a thrilling and fascinating experience for everyone, big and small! A visit to the Luna Park is an opportunity for the whole family – mom, dad and even grandma and grandpa – to experience together the atmosphere of freedom and liberating childhood once again. Inside the Luna Park one can find dozens of unique rides for the big and small, suitable for a wide range of ages – from preschoolers to the elderly, and even for the more courageous of the bunch. The Luna Park is an excellent choice of entertainment for weekends, holidays and school vacations. Your admission ticket gives you access to all rides and attractions.


Location: Ga’anei Ta’arucha (Israel Convention Center), Tel Aviv. The entrance to the park is from Rokah Boulevard, opposite of the Ganei Yehoshua parking lot.

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