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Leah Bowman

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Jerusalem,Tel Aviv


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‘We had a great group tour with Leah in Jaffe. She held the kids attention well with quizes and prizes. It was interesting and fun for the kids’


You have invested a lot in your trip to Israel. ​Now it’s time to hire a guide to ensure your visit will be everything you want it to be. ​We offer 3 terrific private tours of Tel Aviv, 12 in Jerusalem, and tours throughout Israel. You can trust us to make sure that you and your family will have an inspiring experience. Your pace. Your questions. Your interests. Your amazing memories. You will love our multimedia maps and photos, and games and prizes for kids ages 4 and up.

Our Story: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Tours was founded by Leah Bowman, a licensed tour guide in Israel. Leah – originally from Michigan and a graduate of the University of Michigan – lives in Israel with her husband and five children. She moved to Israel in 1993, and has been involved with Jewish education and tourism ever since. Leah is passionate about Jewish history, Tanach (the Hebrew Bible), and the incredible experience of being in the Land of Israel. She loves to take visitors to all the places they have been waiting to see, as well as many off-the-beaten-path places that they find meaningful and inspiring.

Leah noticed that while there are many tourists in Israel, not enough of them are enjoying the services and benefits of a private guide. She felt this was unfortunate because a visit to Israel involves a significant investment of time and money. Yet, many of the most amazing sites and stories can easily be missed without an experienced guide. Many families choose not to hire a guide because they feel the younger children won’t be interested in what the guide is conveying. So, she decided to develop special tours with games and prizes that engage the youngest tourists in the content.

In addition, Leah often sees visitors who attempt to tour without the benefit of a guide often struggling to find their way in an unfamiliar environment, or attempting to get directions from local people who might not fully understand their English. Touring in Israel is not always as user friendly as many people expect it to be.

Furthermore, Israel is developing rapidly. Sites are changing, and interesting new ones are being opened. Many visitors often rely on advice from their friends or relatives about where they should go and what they should see.

And, unfortunately often miss out on some of places they would most enjoy and remember because their friends or relatives are simply not aware of all the options, are not up-to-date with the latest information, or are not fully sensitive to the specific needs, priorities and personal interests of the touring family.

For many people, visiting Israel is often a spiritual journey as well. In order to most deeply connect to the meaningful sites in Israel, it’s very helpful to have a guide who is fluent in the language, the relevant sources, and the layout of the Land.

So, why not maximize your enjoyment, learning and inspiration while here in Israel utilizing a professional guide who can ensure a great and memorable experience?

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Tours was established just for that purpose. Contact us…you’ll be very glad you did. ​What is a “licensed guide” in Israel? The State of Israel carefully regulates the tourism industry to ensure that tourists are given quality services. Special licenses are required in order to guide and drive tourists. To become a licensed tour guide, an Israeli citizen must succeed in a 2 year course which includes history, archeology, religion, botany, geology, architecture, first aid, weather, zoology, methodology, and any other topics relevent to the Land of Israel. Following the course, there are intensive exams.

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