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Kibbutz Lavi

Updated: Mar 28, 2020



Recommended by:

Yudit Frei

‘You can’t beat Kibbutz Lavi. In the summer they have great children’s activities and shows. The food is yummy (and mehadrin), the pool has separate hours and family time. The grounds are pretty and it’s near loads of tiyulim and days out. Highly recommended for family holidays. It has an indoor playroom with staff that is open for a few hours everyday. there is also lots of indoor communal space for running around and playing in. If you are not rained in, or if it is not too hot, the playgrounds are AMAZING. ‘ 


From their website:

The Kibbutz Lavi Hotel was established in order to offer you a fulfilling experience with no compromises. The hotel is located in Kibbutz Lavi, an area of lush vegetation surrounded by green fields. In Lavi guests and visitors can enjoy the magnificent views of the region of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. At our hotel hospitality is our stock-in-trade, and we give special attention to the needs of the religious community. In every aspect of the Hotel and its facilities – including the lobby, the kitchen, the restaurant, the pool – a high level of kashruth and religious observance is strictly maintained.

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