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Jonty Blackman - Journeys with Jonty

Name: Jonty Blackman

Focus Area: Bet Shemesh but travel all over the country

Target Audience: I take groups of all sizes, all ages, all types, all are welcome!

Specialties: Nature, city, historical

Phone: +9722547834413


Motto: Happy customers.
Combining layers of knowledge of the Land, history, archaeology, politics, religion, Torah and Nach - and sprinkling some wonderfully fun hands-on experiences into the mix, my aim is to connect you - my clients - to the unique land of Israel. I want to take you on the trip of a lifetime, and offer you life-long memories. Whether the emphasis is educational or enjoyable, deep or inspiring, engaging or fun ... or all of the above... is up to you! Praying for the day when you are all able to travel once again to Israel. And in the meantime, in response to COVID-19 - I am doing this virtually - offering fully customized virtual tours of Israel, bringing Israel right to your living rooms. Happy to chat and start building your tour...
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