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Hot off the Press! AQUARACE opens on Sunday!

AQUARACE is the HIT attraction of the Summer...and of the year! Don't miss this incredible 'go-carting' on the Kinneret in Israel - the first of its kind! Brought to you by AquaKef!

The attraction opens this Sunday 12 July and consists of an incredible floating carting track, extreme fun for everyone, located next to the ever popular AquaKef!

This is a thrilling activity for age 12+ or over 1.35 meters. The picturesque location is Chof Ganim. The Kinneret beach is split in two - one side is a paid beach for bathers and the Southern side is the AquaKef and AQUARACE beach.

The beach is open all day from 7:00-17:00 and has showers and bathroom facilities.

Keep checking back to for more updates and upcoming reviews of this awesome new attraction! Visit AQUARACE here!


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