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Hanukkah Round Up! So you know what there is to do this Winter (2020/21)

So this Hanukkah was certainly better than expected! Here is a round up of what many people got up to this Hanukkah! All great Winter places to visit! Plenty more in the LoveLoveIsrael FB group!

The String Bridge in Jerusalem. Photo Credit: Dana Laura Photographer

North Israel

Nimrod’s Fortress

Gamla National Park

Tel Dan - Photo Credit: Rebecca Stillman Linzer

A boat ride around the Kinneret, from the Tayelet in Tiberius. Really beautiful.

Agmon Hahula!

Park HaMa'ayanot (next to Gan Hashlosha/Sachne) - "2 brave kids even went into the springs (way too cold for me!) but if it's sunny then it's doable in the winter. We rented a golf cart which was fun."

Gan Garoo - "Gan Garoo with the younger kids (5 and 10)- was a nice 1-hour activity and glad I didn't take my older kids. "

Bio Tour, Sde Eliyahu - "The eco-tour at Sdei Eliyahu was lovely and enjoyed by all ages."

Center Israel

The Truck & Transport Museum in Ramle - "The truck museum in Ramle is only letting in 20 people at a time (2hr slots must be booked in advance) so it is super pleasant to go now! And as always FREE!"

The Ramle Truck Museum - Photo Credit: Nicole Pinshow Van Straten

SKY Town - "Went to Ganei Yehoshua and had a fabulous time at Sky Town. They have family tickets- 4 for 250 shekel and my kids ages 13-17 spent close to 2 hours climbing and loved it! Then we rented scooters and rode all around around the park for hours."

Nature 'n Nosh Lantern Tour - "We walked around a foresty area right outside of modiin, and

Joanna taught us about the different plants that grow in the area and that are edible. We then had a picnic with fresh veggies, pitas, and some of the herbs we picked. It was really interesting for 5 yr olds and up, and holding the lanterns and walking around at night were such a novelty for them."

Ein Avdat - Photo Credit: Liza Kramer

Tel Aviv Museum of Art - "Amazing scavenger hunt for 7+, הסודי ביותר, which kept kids busy for almost 2hrs! Coffee shop is open with outdoor seating in the sculpture garden, even with rain we could sit outside under their large garden umbrellas. "

South Israel

Ein Avdat

"We slept two nights in a hut in "The Circle המעגל" which is a Bedouin camp-like place near Sde Boker. It was a program in itself with showers under the open sky, campfire and watching the shooting stars."

The Alpaca Farm - "Just a minute from Mitzpeh Ramon. It was great! Lots of alpacas and llamas too, friendly dogs and horses, a couple of donkeys and a camel. You can get some sort of food to feed them (no additional cost). We spent more than two hours there."

Mitzpeh Ramon.

The Salt Walkway next to Neve Zohar by the Dead Sea. "It was fun, and gorgeous. The most suitable stop on a long drive."

Dead Sea Salt Walkway - Photo Credit: Ilana Weinberg Sinclair

Masada - "We had to wear sweatshirts instead of melting in the heat and the snake path was closed but we were happy to cable car it up and down!"

"We stayed in Dimona in a great "apartment" Hotel- הדס המדבר .We did Nachal Yamin המכתש הקטן, נחל ימין Hamachtesh Hakatan, collected colored sand, עין יורקעם Ein Yorkeam, climbed Masada at sunrise, did the salt walkway on the Dead Sea and עין בוקק Ein Bokek"


Biblical Museum of Natural History: Simon Kaye

Jerusalem Region

Biblical Museum of Natural History - "new location- fabulous as always!"

Latrun - "Latrun was very open, outdoors and they have expanded some of the exhibits. really good price for a family ticket (100Shekel) for two parents plus all kids And its always fun to climb on tanks."

Park Britannia - "This was a fun tiyul. About an hour and a half. שביל האלות. Not stroller friendly."

Ein Karem - "We were in Ein Karem the other week just enjoying the scenery. Sweet'n Karem has a large (covered) garden you can eat in and just about the best hot chocolate ever (kosher)."

The Israel Museum - "Had a lovely day at the Israel Museum, quite empty as times tickets were required. There was an option to do a scavenger hunt. "

Kastel - "Kastel national park in Meveseret which all the kids LOVED. They have all these group work together activities and of course the actual trenches that seem like a maze and there are fantastic playgrounds right outside the park."

Jerusalem Aquarium

Genesis land/Eretz Bereishit


"Great Zoom Magic Show by Matan Rosenberg through Love Love Israel... very enjoyable!!"


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