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Get into the Olympic Spirit at SoosVeAgala!

קרדיט צילום ענבל קרן-מור

קרדיט צילום ענבל קרן-מור

The Rio 2016 Olympics start today and here is an opportunity to get in the spirit of it!

קרדיט צילום ענבל קרן-מור

קרדיט צילום ענבל קרן-מור

In Kadima is a fabulous carpentry workshop. Run by Ofer and Inbal, this unique workshop aims to help your child build a wooden toy right from sanding the wood, to putting it together and painting it!

In honor of the Olympics, they have these fabulous new toys that you can make! Don’t miss out – book your workshop now!

The workshops are great for ages 4-13 years and last approximately 3 hours. It includes a workshop and tour as well as a ride on their Guinness Book of Records ‘largest wooden rocking horse’!

For further details about this workshop and to read reviews click here!

Get some more ideas from their Facebook Page too!

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