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Eye Tours – Judy Auerbach

Updated: Mar 31, 2020



I provide tailored-made tours for individuals, families, and large groups all over Israel.  I began guiding and creating itineraries for individuals and groups in 1997.   It is my goal that while on your tour numerous familiar Biblical stories will come to life. As you you walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, you will feel inspired and awed to know that you are standing in the same places where so many episodes of our Biblical history took place. During the tour, you will also explore modern Israel at its finest, taking in all the sites, sounds, and tastes that this ancient land reborn as a modern Jewish State after 2000 years has to offer. This mosaic of cultural modernity will entice you and leave you eager to return again and again. When guiding younger children, game cards or other activities are used to keep the children engaged, interested, and of course, having fun. 

Judy is licensed and insured to drive small groups in her fabulous 7 seater Land Cruiser jeep Deluxe comfort on the roads…. exciting adventures off road!! For larger groups, alternate transportation will be provided.

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