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Dov Halavan

Updated: Mar 28, 2020



Please note that as of February 2020, Dov Halavan has closed while it moves to a larger and new venue! Watch this space for news of when it reopens!

Recommended by:

Rechelle Hochhauser

“We have friends who just went, their 8 year old couldn’t stop raving about it to my son….”


The White Bear – a family amusement park- height experience; the park was established in June 2011 for the sake of children and adults enjoying an adventure space; such as The White Bear. From day one, the park has been very successful and popular with anyone looking for an unusual kind of an extreme adventure.

We believe that extreme activities are an intensifying experience for each and every individual at any age or gender. Our crew put our entire facility together; it is built according to our professional experience, our dreams, and wishes from children- to make the park suitable for children as well as adults; and thus create a uniting experience for the entire family.

The White Bear combines a climbing space as well as other extreme activities: bungee jumping, climbing walls, ropes park, circus and extreme adventure facilities, and more. In the summer, we also include wet areas, (i.e. a unique water splash area) to complete the adventure.

The White Bear believes that the way to success should be unique and enjoyable, thus, we ensure our park is environmentally friendly, is kept up to its highest standards; keeping your safety at our top priority. We select our crew members cautiously, and we do everything possible to keep you from wanting to go home..!

The White Bear was established due to our tremendous love for extreme activities, and we hope and truly believe you will love it just as much.

We recommend wearing/bringing socks.

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