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Cinema City Jerusalem

Updated: Apr 12, 2020




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Cinema Complex

“Cinema City Jerusalem, is the largest entertainment and cultural center in Jerusalem measuring in at 20,000 square meters and including eight floors, 19 movie theaters, including themed theaters, an indoor mall with dozens of restaurants, cafes and stores, a theater for plays, a hall for conferences, a cinema museum and many other attractions.

This huge complex is conveniently located in close proximity to the government offices in Jerusalem and thoroughfares at the entrance of the city. It has five floors of 2,000 underground parking spaces which are free for movie-goers.

The 19 movie theaters include some set up in different styles based on film genres, for example theaters designed in the theme of children’s movies, romantic comedies and horror films. There is also a theater for plays which seats up to 600, a performance hall with 450 seats and two VIP halls.

As part of the overall concept of Cinema City, the passageways to the theaters include a variety of attractions including a “Bible City,” a museum of Jewish cinema, an interactive hall of the “Jewish Journey,” a Smurfs’ Village, a car city and in indoor mall”

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