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Bahai Gardens

Updated: Apr 2, 2020


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Recommended by:

Diane Kutner

‘Very beautiful, stunning gardens. Very interesting information about the background to Bahai religion and the gardens. Tours are free but need to check times and days available. They start from the top-thankfully – as there are 700 steps down! Not suitable for buggies or young children really. Need to dress a bit modestly ( says no shorts and shoulders covered but some people slipped through)Bus 23 and sherut 23 return to top!’ 


‘The Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa comprise a staircase of nineteen terraces extending all the way up the northern slope of Mount Carmel. The geometry of the complex is built around the axis connecting it with the City of ‘Akko, which also has great historical and sacred significance for Bahá’ís. At its heart stands the golden-domed Shrine of the Báb, which is the resting place of the Prophet-Herald of the Bahá’í Faith.

While different parts of the gardens offer a variety of experiences, they speak in a common language of graveled paths, hedges and flower beds groomed and nurtured by dedicated gardeners. The gardens frame panoramic views of the city, the Galilee Hills and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa are open from 9:00 to 17:00, seven days a week, but the inner gardens near the shrine close at 12:00 noon. The gardens are closed on Bahá’í holy days and Yom Kippur. In rainy weather, they may be closed temporarily as a safety measure because the pavements are slippery when wet.

The most complete experience of the gardens is obtained by taking one of the walk-in tours that are offered daily except Wednesdays. These tours are free of charge, and no reservation is required. It is advisable to make arrangements in advance for organized groups of 25 people or more and those with special interests.’

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