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Atlit Detention Center

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Location: Atlit

Phone: 04-9841980


Recommended by:

Diana Leibovici Rosenfelder
‘We went to the Atlit Detention Visitor Center . It is about half hour from Zichron where we started off this morning. Can’t believe I’ve never been seeing as my grandparents arrived there from Romania and were then transferred to Cyprus for a year in the internment camp (1948). We took a 2 hr tour which was fascinating and very informative! My boys aged 12 and 15 found it really interesting and my 5yr old was ok for most of it, although we had to keep her quiet during some parts; she enjoyed the movies and being in the ship (part of the tour). She actually listened to the tour guide a lot of the time and asked some good questions ; ) I recommend this to families looking for an educational outing especially if you have older children. There is an entrance fee. There is a kiosk selling books and light refreshments, and tables inside and outside the main building, plus clean toilets (!).’ 


From their website:

The Atlit “Illegal” Immigrant Detention Camp tells the story of the struggle of Jews fleeing Europe (Ma’apilim) from NAZI persecution and death, trying to reach British controlled Palestine, only to be incarcerated in camps similar in appearance to the NAZI camps of Europe. In October 1945, a daring military operation freed the 208 detainees. On the site: a recently purchased ship, similar in size and appearance to those used to transport immigrants to Israel, the notorious disinfection facility, a model of the original camp, restored barracks, a computerized information database and more.

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