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23 National Park sites to re-open as well as 4 Campsites!

Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 13th) 23 National Park sites will re-open their doors to the public.

These are:

This is in addition to those that opened last week. See that list by clicking here.


The rules will stay the same - you must register in advance on the National Park Website and pre-pay (or tick the box to say that you have a Matmon/Park Membership card.). You will choose a fixed time slot for your visit and are required to wear a mask, wash hands regularly and adhere to social distancing.

Bathing in the sea or water at the sites is still not allowed except where the path requires it or paddling in small streams. Check on entry.


On Thursday, May 14th, four Campsites will be re-opened.

These are:

Hurshat Tal


Mayan Harud

Eshkol (Habesor)


Western Masada


The same rules of masks, hygiene and social distances will apply according to rules of the Health Ministry.

You must book and register in advance, online.

Temperatures will be checked on arrival and in the morning.

Tents will need to be placed 10 meter distances apart.

Shower facilities will not be available.

Shared drinking or cooking facilities be allowed to be used. Only closed food storage in fridges.

You may only go away with your own family plus one more family.

Mattresses at the sites will be sanitized between uses.

The large tents at Masada and Mamshit that usually are for 50, will only allow 20 as a reserved booking.

Mamshit National Park (Photo Credit Limor Kattan Friedman, Israel National Parks)

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