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Your Top 10 Days Out in 2018!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

We asked you what your highlights were from 2018 and here are the top 10! Be sure to add them to your list of things to do in 2019!

1. Mitzpe Ramon

The beautiful and unique landscape in the South was one of the top favorite places to visit this year. You loved the stunning views, even some desert storms, and some great activities. A great place to stay for a couple of days, or even as a stop off on the drive down to Eilat.

Ramon Crater – Photo Credit – Zara Brooks Photography

Top recommended things to do in the Ramon crater area:

Beresheet Hotel – if you want a high level hotel experience, stay here for incredible food, spas and facilities right on the edge of the crater. We recommend this especially for adults or couples (although children are allowed to stay there too).

Camping – your favorite camping spot was at the Be’erot National Park. Great facilities and well organised with hot and clean showers. You can even rent mattresses and sleeping bags very cheaply.

Desert Archery – enjoyed by all ages but best for ages…….this was a fun activity out in the desert.

Ramon Crater – Photo Credit – Zara Brooks Photography

Star Gazing with the renowned Astronomy in Israel was a special experience – but dress warm…even in Summer, the desert is cold at night!

The Ramon Visitors Center is highly recommended. We do suggest that you book your time slot – especially at peak times.

For more ideas, check out or the Facebook group.

2. The Ayalon Institute

The Ayalon Institute, Rehovot

The Ayalon Institute was one of the most talked about museums this year (and most years). A real insight into the bravery of the young Jews who risked their lives during the war of Independence to covertly help the Jews make ammunition – right in front of the British noses! An amazing part of our history to learn about, for all ages.

Top Tips: Just beware there are some difficult steps down to the main area which could be difficult for young children or those who find walking difficult. Highly recommended for age 8+ although younger children can still get something out of it. Not recommended for young children – wait until they are older! You must book by emailing them or on their website.

3. Graffiti Tours

This was the craze of 2018! There are many companies who do Graffiti tours and you can search through our website and Facebook group to find out the top names!

Graffiti Tour with Grafitiyul

These tours are great for teens and adults, giving an insight into the political message behind the incredible and meaningful Graffiti around Tel Aviv.  You will never look at the walls of Tel Aviv in the same way! Young children will enjoy the more hands-on tours that include a Graffiti workshop.

4. Breads of the Beit Hamikdash Workshop

“This workshop was so thoroughly researched and well prepared. We learnt so much about the breads from the time of the Beit Mikdash. There was even a life-size model of the Bread table from the Temple, really bringing the era to life. Children and adults alike got to much out of it. Highly recommended”

Just one of many happy visitors to the Saidel Artisan Baking Institute this year. They also run other delicious workshops throughout the year and especially during the holidays.

Saidel Artisan Baking Institute

5. Shvil Hasalat – the Salad Trail

The Salad Trail

Shvil Hasalat is located in the South of Israel and runs tours of its greenhouses and fields. You will learn about unique agricultural techniques that help them deal with the hot conditions of the area and see and taste species and colors of vegetables and fruit that you have never seen before. The tour is family friendly, includes lots of healthy tastings and you will even get to take some produce home. We had so much fun pulling out the colored carrots when we went during the Pesach break in 2018!

6. Aquakef

This extreme activity, called Aquakef (meaning fun in the water) has fast become a must-do when visiting Tiberias or travelling in the North. With a choice of inflatable climbing structures for all ages you will use muscles you never knew you had and have a great time in the beautiful Kinneret water. You do need some strength and stamina for this one and it seems that thousands of you have it judging by the huge number of you who have been here at least once! Best for ages 6+ although the easy playground is suitable for age 3+. Best to book your slot online in the busy months.


7. The Israel Aquarium, Jerusalem

Although the Israel Aquarium in Jerusalem only opened this year in ‘trial mode’ , many of you have already enjoyed visits there. A great way to escape the heat in the Summer and the rain in the Winter! In order to visit the Israel Aquarium during the running in period, visitors must register for a tour or unguided visit in advance. Your top tip: At the end there is a cute pond and you can purchase fish food for 1 shekel from the machines and feed the fish, which young children really enjoy.

Israel Aquarium

8. Sachne

Sachne has been voted one of the most beautiful places in Israel. Also called Gan Hashlosha, it is a National Park and is enjoyed by thousands every year and all year round – as the water temperature stays warm even in Winter. You can BBQ in designated areas and during high season you can also camp there.

9. Agamon Hahula

The Agamon Hula Ornithology (Bird Watching) and Nature Park, is situated in the heart of the Hula Valley. It is located in the center of the Afro-Syrian Rift and one of the most significant bird migration routes in the world. During every migration season )fall and spring), over 500 million birds from more than 400 species migrate in the skies above us. Thousands remain at the Agamon during the winter, and others choose to nest here during the spring and summer. Visitors can tour the park on a variety of bicycles, golf carts, or on guided tours in a Safari Wagon and special tours, according to the season.

Agamon Hula. Photo Credit: Inbar Shlomit Rubin

10. Lunada Children’s Museum

The Lunada Museum has been an instant hit for pre-teen and young children. Air conditioned, and out of the heat, this is a great option for those travelling South or holidaying in the area. It is not even too far for a day trip from most central areas. Lunada is an interactive, experiential museum for all family, the first of its kind in Israel, fostering learning through playing.  Highly recommended!


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