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You have until Midnight Tonight to enter the 'Selichot' Kotel Lottery!

מדי שנה עשרות אלפי מתפללים פוקדים את רחבת הכותל המערבי במהלך חודש אלול לתפילת ה

סליחות המסורתית.

On a regular year, tens of thousands of worshipers visit the Western Wall plaza during the month of Elul for the traditional Selichot prayers in the lead up to the High Holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

This year, due to the situation and in order to maintain public health, prayers at the Western Wall plaza will be limited to only 2,500 people.

As a result, the entry between Thursday 21 Elul (10/9) and the evening of Shabbat Teshuvah, 8 Tishrei (26/9) will take place through entry permits - which will be distributed in a controlled lottery in accordance with the restrictions.

To enter the lottery, click here. Just click on the yellow button that says: "הרשמו כאן"

Important Information:

Below we have translated the "Important information" section from the Western Wall website:

1 . Entrance to the Western Wall plaza will be conditional on the presentation of the digital / printed entrance certificates and identity cards of each worshiper.

2. If you win entry, you may arrive at the Western Wall from 23:00 and leave by 01:30. Admission before or after these times will depend on availability.

3. The raffle will be open for entry until Sunday 6/9 at 00:00.

4. A person may register for any of the days of selichot, and may register under his name a total of up to ten people, provided he has also fully entered their required details.

5. The lottery will be held on September 7, under the supervision of the fund's attorney and accountant.

6. The list of recipients will be published on the fund's website and winning notices will be sent to the winners on Wednesday 9/9.

7. Only people who pre-registered will be eligible to win in the lottery.

8. After registration, a registration confirmation will be sent to the registrant's email box.

9. Children under the age of 7 listed do not need an entrance ticket.

10. Each person will have the option of winning only one entry for one of the Slichot nights.

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