Yossi Gur Metal Workshop

Updated: May 6

Location: Yishuv Ofra

Website: https://www.facebook.com/yosigurarye/

Email: yosigurarye@gmail.com

Phone: 052-830-5801


Recommended by:

Elana Belizon Koslowe
Really recommend Yossi Gur Arye in Ofra. He is a blacksmith and gave us an amazing experience. You help him create things out of metal . We helped him cut wood for the fire. Hammer the metal to shape it. We made with him many different items out of metal. (August 2017)


Yossi is an artist and a blacksmith located in Ofra (near to Modiin). He offers workshops for all ages where you can make things from metal and even take home what you make! Call to arrange.



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