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Yonit Schiller Photography

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

All Over Israel


Recommended by:

Gila Leibtag-Rose

‘We loved working with Yonit Schiller. such a fun person to work with and awesome pictures.’


‘Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Yonit lives in Israel and enjoys drinking hot chocolate, frolicking through open meadows of anemones, and projects which take her out of her comfort zone, specifically traveling the globe to photograph weddings and events.

Yonit views the camera lens as a vehicle for telling stories and suspending ordinary yet beautiful moments in time.

With a decade of experience under her belt, Yonit can be found shooting under a wedding canopy on the shores of the Mediterranean, photographing gold mines in China or documenting members of a small tribe in a remote village in northern Vietnam.

Yonit Schiller is an international wedding and documentary photographer based in Jerusalem, Israel.

Her photographs have been featured in numerous publications including National Geographic Magazine, Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post, Yediot Achronot, and Yisrael Hayom.’

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