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Which sprinkler parks are safe?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

On 30th July, 2015, Channel Ten’s Barcode program televised a report into the amount of bacteria present in the sprinkler parks that have become so popular for families looking for a free or low cost way to cool off during the hot summer.

Sadly the results were very disappointing and they are warning everyone that certain sprinklers are in fact quite harmful, especially for young children who are more likely to drink the water.

We have already had reports that some of these are already closing as a result and many will not reopen until they put in better sanitation systems – probably not until next year.

Note that not all the parks are mentioned in the report.

You can read and watch the full report here. The results from this report were as follows:

Beer Sheva was the cleanest sprinkler park within all the right levels.

Netanya was clear of bacteria but the chlorine levels were too high.

Ramat Hasharon was next – note that this last week of July 2015 they have been off for other reasons so check the Ramat Hasharon municipal site for updates.

Hod Hasharon’s Splash  – which charges 20 shekel entry per child also had high levels of bacteria.

Firm favourites, Zichron Yaakov and Namal Tel Aviv were at very unhealthy levels with barely any chlorine and everyone’s go-to place, Rishon Letzion’s Gan B’Ivrit had the worst bacteria levels of everywhere tested.

Let’s hope that measures are put in place as soon as possible to ensure that our children can safely play without worrying about these troubling results.

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