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Where, What and When? Yom Haatzmaut 69!

Read on for the highlights of Yom Haatzmaut 69! Don’t forget to check municipal websites for more details on timings and locations for events in  your city!

  1. LoveLoveIsrael has translated the full list of 69 Heritage Sites that will open for free on Tuesday 2nd May – Yom Haatzmaut! Click here for the list!

  1. Air Force Bases opening this year are listed here. If you do want to do this you must be prepared! Get up VERY early and make the most of this rare opportunity to see the amazing air crafts used by the Israeli army, meet the pilots and air force soldiers, try on helmets, see weapons and equipment and learn all about their uses. I personally went to Tel Nof a few years ago (near Rechovot) and it was an experience my family will always remember. When I dragged them out the house super early after a late night celebrating the night before, they were not impressed, but all was forgiven once we arrived! You MUST leave early to avoid the lines to get in – aim to arrive there by 8:15am. They check every car and people that left only 10 minutes after us, were stuck in their car for an extra hour! Note that it is very exposed so stock up well on water and wear hats. We stayed there to watch the flyover and headed to friends for a BBQ in the afternoon. You could also visit the Beer Sheva Air Force Museum which is free on Yom Haatzmaut. It has been known to close at 2pm despite saying it would close at 5pm so keep this in mind. Lots of traffic around here to be prepared for.

  1. The times for the annual flyover are here! Further details about the Air Force base openings can be found here.

  1. Beaches – The weather should be perfect and the beach is a great location to see the planes fly by as well as lots of boats and sailing boats! Check the jellyfish situation and only swim if there is a lifeguard! Check for lifeguards here by clicking on חופים on the top bar and choose which beaches you want to check. The season opens on April 27th for most beaches but check first!

  2. Hikes and National Parks! What could be better than enjoying the beauty of Israels nature on Yom Haatzmaut. Be sure to check that BBQs are permitted before you set out – and don’t just bring sandwiches because you will be the only ones!

Gan Leumi Hof Hasharon

  1. Neot Kedumim – A special orienteering event for Yom Haatzmaut. 30shekel per person (age 3 and up). 9-14:00. Each family will receive a navigation map but they recommend bringing your own compass. you can choose from two different routes of difficulty. Tasks will include pumping water from an ancient well, constructing a mud brick wall and searching for secret hiding places in a cave.  At the end of the navigation, each family will receive a special family independence scroll and prizes will be distributed to families who answered the riddles correctly. You can even stay in the park afterwards to  picnic or “barbecue” in a shaded area with water and toilets. You can purchase tickets online or register by phone.

Neot Kedumim .

  1. The Israel Museum will be free entry on Yom Haatzmaut! There will be traditional Israeli dance performances during the day.

  2. Ancient Shilo will be open for free on Yom Haatzmaut. Perfect for picnics, barbecues and to relax. There will be hammocks and huge board games –  with puzzles, ladders and ropes, a giant bowling alley and more. Guided tours will be available (at a fee). For additional information: 02-5789111

  1. Music – Across Israel each city has its own celebrations. This usually includes free performances by top singers and performers. The full list of who is performing and where can be found here.

  2. Boats! The sailing boats will set off from Herzliya marina at 11:00 on Yom Haatzmaut morning.

Photo: Ilan Levy

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