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What's Happening this Hanukkah 2020?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

**Oh wow! It's hard to keep up with the latest corona guidelines! Evenings are back to normal hopefully - but expect last minute surprises and keep checking the news!

*If you can't be together in person, join us at the LoveLoveIsrael events and have fun together virtually at our fun events below!

Please remember to keep to the health regulations and stay safe!

Scroll down for:

Online Events

Zoos & Animals


Workshops & DIY Kits

Picking Fruit & Veg


Other Ideas!


These events will for sure be going ahead. There is no shortage of choices!

We hope that you will support the LoveLoveIsrael events, and the small businesses that are offering you amazing experiences at special low prices:

LoveLoveIsrael events:


You are invited to a fully interactive show like no other, where logic and the laws of nature shatter.

Matan will take you through a surreal journey of reading thoughts and influencing them from many miles away. Light your candles, and then join the incredible magician and mentalist, Matan Rosenberg for some family friendly entertainment right in your lounge!

Of Miracles & Maccabees! With Journeys with Jonty!

Long ago, on a dark night in the town of Modiin, one small family gathered as they sat down to dinner, to plan their strategy to beat the great Greek army. By the light of their oil lamps,

they came up with a plan that would lead to one of the greatest victories of ancient times.

Grab your sufganiyot (donuts) and join JOURNEYS with JONTY on a Hanukkah virtual adventure through the land of the Maccabees. Ideal for ages 5-13 years. Join us for this adventure from all over the world! Click here for Of Miracles & Maccabees! Sun Dec 13, 18:15-19:10. Israel time Price: Only 37.50 Shekel per screen (household)

Paint party for ALL AGES!

Enjoy a Paint Party designed for all ages!

Each person creates a festive Hanukkah painting guided by a professional artist. Loads of fun and no experience needed!! Join from anywhere in the world!

Price per PERSON: 37.50 Shekel

For Adults!!

Grab some wine and snacks and lets paint! Join with your spouse, partner, friend or just you! A professional artist will guide you step by step through a beautiful Hanukkah painting! Join from anywhere in the world!

Price per person: 54 shekel

Price per couple: 89 shekel

Saidel's Donut Workshop

Yummy Hanukkah fun, making American style donuts - with pro baker Les Saidel.

Suitable for all ages.

Join master baker Les Saidel for a fun and action filled 90 minute session of doughing, dunking, decorating and devouring delectable, delicious American style donuts, oozing chocolate, vanilla, Boston cream, sprinkles..... ending with a competition for the best decorated donut!

This is SUCH an awesome opportunity to learn from the best, without leaving your home! Fun and delicious!

How will it work?

1. Sign up below!

2. A few days before the event, you will receive a list of ingredients that you need to prepare.

3. You will be sent instructions for your eyes only, where pro baker, Les Saidel will guide you through part 1 of the workshop that needs to be done the night before the live workshop.

4. You will join the live webinar workshop at 3pm on your chosen date, to make awesome donuts in time for lighting the Hanukkah candles!!

Suitable for individuals, families, friends - tickets are per screen. The link you will be sent is non-transferable. Price per screen: 99 shekel Workshops will run on the dates below at 15:00-16:30 Click here for Sunday Dec 13 Click here for Monday Dec 14 Click here for Tuesday Dec 15 Click here for Wednesday Dec 16

Your chance to join an awesome Hanukkah-themed ScaVenture with an exclusively low price especially for LoveLoveIsrael! Timed so that you can play from anywhere (US/UK/Europe/South Africa) Whether you're a family, a school, a youth movement or a corporate group, you will LOVE your ScaVenture in the Land of the Maccabees! All you need to play is a dreidel, a compass, a map of Israel, a copy of the Greek alphabet and of course an advance booking! Thursday Dec 17, 18:00 - 19:30 Price per household: 95 shekel Click here to book your ScaVenture in the Land of the Maccabees before its too late!!! Read reviews (and understand more) by scrolling down at this link!

A new concept that provides professional online tours by subscription! Special Hanukkah offer - click here!

Watch this year's show from a computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc. from your favorite sofa at home! The show will take place on December 17th!

DECEMBER 13, 14, 15 - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday


8PM Israel Time, 6PM London Time, 1PM Eastern Time, 10AM Pacific Time

NEW! ESCAPEZOOM Virtual Experience from Home

The creators of TLVSHOW, one of Israel's leading attraction's, are proud to present the new experience - Escapezoom! A challenging digital escape game, unifying and funny, with live actors - and all in a video call on Zoom! Genius!

* Crazy sale - big discount for booking until December 2020! Click here to send form to get more details!

TheJerusalem Train Theater - The Puppet Festival

Some cute plays both live and online.


The following are open now but require booking online. They all adhere to the 'purple standard' and you must wear masks and maintain social distancing.


The Western Wall Heritage is running a range of tours both in person, in the old city of Jerusalem - in small groups, as well as virtual tours.

Tours on the Hanukkah theme - "Back to the Hasmonean Days"

38 shekel per person. Booking required.

  • Florentine, Tel Aviv Graffiti experience. The ultimate family activity. Decipher the writing on the walls, interact with the art through games & spray on the walls

  • “GraffitiQuest” Self guided family game/tour using your smartphone. Compete against others and learn about the artists through this unique game where graffiti literally comes to life

  • Dead Sea . Graffiti in the lowest place on earth! A unique experience next to Kalia Beach. Interact and learn about this incredible project. Spray on an old Jordanian army base. Create mandalas.

Click to see all the options for both organized tours or tours using their special App!

Also their Guidebook is highly recommended and you can self-guide on incredible tours in Jerusalem!

Also of course, you cam reunite with friends and family worldwide, in their Hanukkah ScaVenture game -

Rediscover the origins of your food in the wild Israeli landscape. Experience the plants and trees by tasting, smelling and hearing their stories. Savor a light picnic of local flavors enhanced with some of the delicacies you have picked. Suitable for all ages.

Day and night tours available, subject to latest lockdown rules. (Depending on what time the curfew starts every night)

Bio Tour, located on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, offers a unique insight into conventional and organic farming, communal lifestyle and innovation in agriculture through biological control.

They will tailor the tour to your group! A really fascinating tour for all ages!

BONUS: you cab order a picnic lunch from their Kosher café!

Picnic at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu - Cafe Basadeh: 04 6096986

Workshops and DIY kits

Family glass mosaics workshop for Hanukkah in Jerusalem.

Only a few slots available: Monday morning and Monday afternoon. Friday morning.

Up to six people.

WhatsApp: 0547802403

Adido’s response to Corona is incredible carpentry project kits for you and your family to build and paint in in the comfort and safety of your home!! You can also book on site workshops or they can come to you!

Their DIY Nok-Hockey kit has been hugely popular! You can still get yours by clicking on the image below!

This awesome smartphone photography workshop can be done in person or on Zoom!

Many are operating with limited numbers so you need to book.

There are so many options for fun at home!!



Other ideas

Don't forget to use this holiday time to explore Israel's city parks!

Winter beach days are also great for everyone - bring a picnic and enjoy! (do not swim without a lifeguard)

Visit the National Parks and National Heritage Sites

Most outdoor activities are operating - such as Segways, Traktoronim, Jeeps, ATVS, Biking etc. Just call them to check, and book in advance.

Some other indoor activities that only operate for one capsule (for example one family) are also running, but you would need to contact them to check, and reserve in advance.

You can search for these on

Let us know what you get up to this Hanukkah!!


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