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What's Happening for Shavuot 2020?

We are finally approaching a full re-opening of Israel's local tourism so if you have some free time this weekend, get out the kitchen and get outside in nature, or support local businesses!Even the restaurants will be opening tomorrow!

Of course, remember that you must abide by the Health guidelines - bring your mask and respect social distancing of 2M according to the Purple Standards.


This unique Australian Animal Zoo will be open for your enjoyment this weekend. You can even wear the traditional white of Shavuot and pose for photos with the white colored animals! You need to book tickets/time slots online. Nearby is Park Hammayanot too to cool of in the water!


Make your reservations fast for the National Parks open around the country this weekend! Click here to book!


Enjoy the perfect temperatures this week,but do be careful to adhere to social distancing at Israel's beautiful beaches! Remember! Only swim where there is a lifeguard on duty!

A detailed list of Israel's beaches, as well as Kinneret beaches, can be found here (in Hebrew) together with whether bathing is allowed at those beaches.


Event on 30 May - learn all about wheat, go on a tour and see how we make pittot from wheat and bake them on the taboon. The greenhouses, which have been closed for nearly 3 months will alsofinally be open and are flowering beautifully for your enjoyment. Tours are fo small groups only and requre pre-registration by clicking here.

Fruit Picking

Click here for our list of Cherry picking places.Some are already closing but many are still running for a few more days!

Click here for an amazing list of fruit picking ideas and locations all over the country (bookmark it for the Summer!)

Other ideas

Special event including a biblical themed treasure hunt 28-30 May - must sign up in advance by clicking here

This wonderful website has some great ideas to occupy younger children. Click here for their website!

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