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Watch the shooting stars at Ramon Crater!

מצפה רמון של כוכבים - צילום אירוס חיון (1)

מצפה רמון של כוכבים – צילום אירוס חיון 

On the 11th August 2016, starting at 20:00, there will be a really special event at the football stadium in Mizpe Ramon, when you will have the opportunity to spend the night under the shooting stars – with free admission!!

The event includes watching the Shooting Stars (Perseids), Astronomy lectures, dozens of telescopes, space to BBQ, movies and other events.

On this night, all the lights are turned off in Mizpe Ramon so that you can see how the sky will be lit up with the twinkling lights of shooting stars. You will be able to see them through huge portable telescopes at the football stadium in Mitzpe Ramon. Couples, individuals and families are all welcome!  Just bring a mat, snuggle up with warm clothes and blankets and lie down and look up at the sky.

מצפה רמון של כוכבים - צילום שיר פרסר (1)

מצפה רמון של כוכבים – צילום שיר פרסר

Pleasant weather during the day and cool at night attracts thousands of nature lovers each year. This year the night of meteors “fall” on the weekend and this is a great opportunity to stay overnight in a hotel or at authentic desert lodgings or luxurious guest houses in the area. The restaurants will be open, and the Spice Route will be open until late under a starry sky.

Activities: – At the stadium: The biggest portable telescope will be here for everyone to look through. Professional stargazers will guide you through the sky using lasers and dozens of the world’s most advanced telescopes. – Spice Route Quarter – films, lectures and activities: collection from TED lectures on astronomy, star clusters, will all help you get more familiar with the sky and the Milky Way. Skilled guides will provide explanations, accompanied by interesting stories of astronomy. Families and children will be able to create astronomical crafts full of stars, and watch cool space films that will be screened on a giant screen.

מצפה רמון של כוכבים - צילום שיר פרסר (2)

מצפה רמון של כוכבים – צילום שיר פרסר 

‘Perseids’ (the official name for shooting stars) are in a group of meteors that “collide” with Earth’s orbit once a year. The collision becomes spectacular  when they go up in flames during re-entry, far up in the sky, and look just like “shooting stars”. All this beauty is hard to see from the windows and rooftops in northern Israel, because of the clouds that come from the sea and because of the light that comes from the roads, houses and cities. Thanks to the high altitude of Mitzpe Ramon and the clear desert skies, you can enjoy a concert like no other, even without special equipment. Just lie on your back and make a wish!

Entry to the event is free and open to the public. The activity takes place in cooperation with the Astronomical club of Tel Aviv University, First Science Foundation, together with the Israeli Astronomical Association and the Israel Space Agency. Guests are invited to stay in the area and enjoy other events in the Spice Route. Please bring mats and warm clothes!

More details and information on accommodation and entertainment site and phone 08-8681635

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