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Vote for the Salad Trail!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Are you looking for a wonderful way to spend election day on Monday 2nd March?

What should you expect?

The tour starts at 11:00 on 02/03.20 and lasts for about 3 hours of fun!

English tours available depending on minimum number of participants.

  1.  Learn about the first pioneering settlements in the Negev, heritage and technological advancement.

  2. Observe the most up to date agricultural technologies – the “high tech” of agriculture.

  3. The tour includes tasting and picking from the plants.

  4. Meet homing pigeons and learn how they were used during the War of Independence.

  5. Visit different stations:

1 – Homing pigeons

2 – “Flying” strawberries 3 – Kumquat orchard 4 – Pick and taste greenhouse – (tomatoes, cucumbers) 5 – Carrot field with a variety of colors 6 – Passion fruit maze. 7 – Baking Pita on a Bedouin SAG 8 – Collecting potatoes from the soil

Sounds awesome! Team this up with a visit to the stunning flowers all over the south area right near the salad trail!

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