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Join a Hebron Fund Tour this Summer! New Guesthouse Open!

Visit, learn, and connect.

Experience Hebron for yourself on this Hebron Tour by the Hebron Fund. An incredible experience for you, and for your family. Walk the paths your fathers traveled. Visit their caves. Enjoy your parent’s city. You belong here.

Contact the Hebron Fund to book and for more details!

New Guesthouse

The newly renovated Aishel Avraham Guest House is now open for guests! Many weekends are already booked with groups looking to spend Shabbat in Hebron - so hurry to book your special visit.

Hebron Fund Tour
Minister of Tourism, MK Chaim Katz joined Uri Karzen to inaugurate the renovated Hebron Hotel.

If you have a group that wishes to stay in Hebron, you can contact the Hebron Fund's office at, and they'll connect you with the guest house to make reservations.

Elevator at The Tomb of the Patriarchs

The Tomb of the Patriarchs is now accessible!

The elevator for the cave has opened! This makes it accessible for everyone and is very exciting.

"Until now, visitors had to go up “around 30 steps” between the street and the entrance to the Tomb. After entering the building, visitors had to climb another 60 steps to reach the prayer area, said Elimelech Karzen, one of the managers of the tomb." Read more here.

Now everyone can visit this holy site.

Photo Credit: The Hebron Fund


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