Tzora Forest -6K Loop Trail

Updated: Mar 6

Guest blogger Susannah Schild: Hiking in the Holyland, shares her latest hike with us, in the Tzora Forest near Beit Shemesh!

We’ve been on a lot of really awesome, really intense hikes lately.  Which is why this Friday, I was okay with something low-key. So, I turned to the map to scout out a nearby hike that would be easygoing.

I did find something new: a 6 kilometer trail through Tzora Forest, not far from Beit Shemesh.  Information about the trail was hard to come by.  But what was the worst that could happen?  If we went out on a 6K walk which wasn’t that beautiful, at least we would get outdoors and absorb some sunshine (important in the middle of the winter!)

But Tzora Forest was a hidden gem, a truly incredible discovery.

Mountain views and forests.

The path we traveled at Tzora Forest took us through a dark and lovely woodland.  Beyond the trees, the view out to the plains surrounding the area was jaw-dropping.

Most of the trails we took were flat and stroller friendly, perfect for walking or jogging.  But Tzora must be a really well kept secret.  In contrast to similar forests (Ben Shemen, for example), Tzora was quiet – there were very few people on the trails.

Read the lowdown on this lovely nature walk right near Beit Shemesh by clicking here! 

Don’t forget to read Susannah’s guide to the navigational features in this post before you hit the trail!





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