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Tzofen Habaron

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Zichron Yaakov


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“The games are fun but also challenging, suitable for people who are up for surprises and challenges, definitely recommending it”


Tsofen HaBaron is an Escape Games room complex in Zichron Yaakov, placed where the former “Graph” Hotel was located. The place was inspired by the attractive concept already spread around the world, but the content of the games developed by us and the activities are original, diverse and unique. In Tsofen HaBaron, when we say “Get out of the Box”, it’s not a cliché but a real way of life … and it will be your task here. Prepare to enter into a mysterious room where you will be locked with a lock code that you’ll have to crack within 60 minutes … The game inspires creative and team thinking in a fun manner. Each player in the group contributes with his/her skills – one is good at understanding verbal messages, one has photographic memory, other one is a master in synchronization and coordination, and one has great technical sense – all the skills are required to succeed in the mission and all the players take part in the action for success!

Located right off the Midrachov in Zichron Yaakov.

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